• Integrity - Many companies will tell you a price that is higher when you talk with them over the phone, then when they come to you they will give you a lower price. We don’t do that as if a price is sounding too good to be correct, that is probably right.

• Generous Offers - Each price we offer is very competitive. We understand that you would like your car to be the best it possibly can be and you would like the work on your car completed quickly. The overhead that we have is low, we are efficient in our operations and due to this we can offer great prices.

• Fast Service with Free Towing - We have been able to help hundreds of customers similar to you over many years and we understand what you would want. When you make the call to us in regards to your junk or used car, you would like it to be taken away very quickly. We pride ourselves in getting to you quickly and towing away your vehicle for free.

• Maximum Recycling - We try to recycle the most of your vehicle as we can in order to lower the impact the vehicle has with the environment.

• You should watch out for very high offers that tend to be way too good to be correct. If the company comes to you and gives your reasons why they can now give you a lower price, don’t trust them. The Junk Cars 77 quotes given are guaranteed.

• Most of the Junk car companies locally can’t take vehicles that are in just any condition. If your junk car is really bad, you don’t need to worry. Junk Cars 77 will come get any model or make that is in any type of condition.



Top - Dollar Paid For Any Car In Any Condition

It is quite well known, you wouldn’t be here at our site, Junk Cars 77 unless you wrecked or damaged your car and it was now junk. You also wouldn’t be here at our site if your car wasn’t broken down or too damaged to repair. Who would keep a vehicle that won’t run? Maybe, you are tired of putting your hard earned money into your vehicle and still keep having it break down. Everyone has been there!

If you have a junk or damaged car, you don’t want it staying at the auto repair shop costing you hundreds of dollars in storage fees. You also don’t want the car left in your driveway taking up space or reminding you that you have a junk car. The great thing is the car is worth some value and you can get that value RIGHT AWAY! Also, you won’t need to worry anymore about your junk car. You can sell it and get cash that will come right into your pocket and the car will be towed that same day!

If your old vehicle has just been sitting there, you shouldn’t let it do so any longer! Chicago Jun Cars Removal will be able to help you get cash for the junk vehicle the same day. We have helped customers all over Chicago and nearby areas to get cash for used, older vehicles for years which is why people believe in us to buy their old vehicles and give them payment right away. Chicago Junk Cars Removal allows an easy way to trash your old vehicle with our fast and easy online junk car buying service.

You shouldn’t have to take a lot of time to search for a great junk vehicle purchaser. Chicago Junk Cars Removal will take away your junk vehicle so you don’t have to look at it anymore. The best thing is that you won’t need to wait a long time to get paid. There isn’t a lengthy, long process. We take all vehicle models and makes including SUVS, trucks, cars, and vans. If you own a junk vehicle that you would like to have taken away right away, Chicago Junk Cars Removal is there for you.

Get paid today for your old junk vehicle. Call us at 773-306-1641 to get your free price quote and to set-up the time for us to get your junk vehicle and for you to be paid for your junk car.

What is involved with the Junk Car Removal Process?

The removal process of the junk vehicle is pretty east. There are just a few simple steps and you will be able to have your junk car taken away and get cash the same day.
1. Contact us at 773-306-1641 or fill out a “Get a Quote” form online with your vehicle information (model, make, and the year).
2. We will get a hold of you with the best quote that is competitive for your junk vehicle.
3. Get an appointment for your free junk vehicle removal.
4. Get paid right when the drive comes to take your junk vehicle.

How much will I be paid for my junk car?

The price that is paid for a junk vehicle is compiled from factors including the model, make, and the year of the junk vehicle that is being looked at for a removal. We will ask you about a simple explanation about what the problem of the vehicle is. When we get this information, we will give you a quote that is competitive for your junk vehicle.

Will I have issues participating in the junk car removal if I don’t have a title?

You don’t need a title if you can show us the following:
1. You have a vehicle registration that is in your name for the vehicle being discussed.
2. You are able to show that you own the vehicle.
3. The junk vehicle is at least 10 years old or older.

Is there anything I need to do after the junk car removal process?

When you sell your junk vehicle to Chicago Junk Cars Removal, try to remember this:
1. Keep the receipt that the drive from Chicago Junk Cars Removal gives you as transaction proof.
2. Give the license plate that was on the junk vehicle to the DMV near you.
3. Get a hold of your car insurance company so you can cancel your car insurance policy that you had for the junk vehicle.